Elevate Your Event: How to Get Sponsor Logos Printed on Event T-Shirts with BlankTshirt.in

Elevate Your Event: How to Get Sponsor Logos Printed on Event T-Shirts with BlankTshirt.in

              Sponsorship plays a pivotal role in the success of any event, and showcasing sponsor logos on event t-shirts is an excellent way to express gratitude and promote their support. If you're searching for "How to get sponsor logos printed on event t-shirts?" BlankTshirt.in, India's premier platform for premium bulk blank t-shirts and custom printing solutions, is here to guide you through the seamless process. In this blog, discover the steps to elevate your event with professionally printed sponsor logos on customized t-shirts.

  1. Visit BlankTshirt.in for Premium Custom Printing:

    • Start your journey by visiting the BlankTshirt.in website.
    • Explore the platform's commitment to quality and customization, setting the stage for professionally printed event t-shirts.
  2. Navigate to the Corporate Orders Section:

    • Head to the corporate orders section on BlankTshirt.in.
    • This dedicated section is designed to cater specifically to events, ensuring a streamlined process for printing sponsor logos.
  3. Explore White Labeling and Private Label Manufacturing:

    • Enhance the professional touch of your event t-shirts with white labeling services.
    • Consider private label manufacturing for a seamless integration of sponsor logos throughout the garment.
  4. Contact BlankTshirt.in's Corporate Services Team:

    • Reach out to BlankTshirt.in's corporate services team for personalized assistance.
    • Discuss your event details, including sponsor logos, quantities, and any specific customization requirements.
  5. Provide High-Quality Sponsor Logo Files:

    • Ensure you have high-quality digital files of sponsor logos.
    • Submit these files to BlankTshirt.in for precise and clear printing on the event t-shirts.
  6. Select the Appropriate T-Shirt Style and Color:

    • Choose the t-shirt style and color that complements your event theme and sponsor logos.
    • Consider contrast and visibility to ensure logos stand out effectively.
  7. Confirm the Placement and Size of Logos:

    • Work with BlankTshirt.in's design team to confirm the optimal placement and size of sponsor logos.
    • Ensure logos are strategically positioned for maximum visibility and impact.
  8. Review a Sample or Digital Proof:

    • Request a sample or digital proof from BlankTshirt.in before proceeding with the bulk order.
    • This step ensures you are satisfied with the printing quality and logo placement.
  9. Coordinate Efficient Logistics for Timely Delivery:

    • Coordinate with BlankTshirt.in to ensure efficient logistics for timely delivery.
    • Plan ahead to receive the event t-shirts well in advance of the scheduled date.


        Elevate your event and express gratitude to sponsors with professionally printed logos on event t-shirts from BlankTshirt.in. Utilize the platform's corporate services, white labeling, and private label manufacturing to ensure a seamless process. Trust BlankTshirt.in's commitment to quality, customization, and efficient logistics for a memorable and sponsor-friendly event. Make a statement and leave a lasting impression with custom-designed event t-shirts featuring sponsor logos from BlankTshirt.

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